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A look inside Finaline Virtual Close.

Finaline logo Finaline VCS 2.1 is a strategic financial management solution that works in conjunction with packaged ERP, budgeting tools, and other existing financial systems.

It enables a "virtual close" by consolidating, integrating and transforming financial transactional data from these systems to present a unified view of the company's financial and operational position to executive management in near real-time.

Finaline login VCS 2.1
VCS facilitates the normalization of data from different sources, performs various transformations such as currency conversion, mapping, and aggregation, and stores data in its own internal database. With minimal impact on source systems, VCS offers near real-time transaction detail analysis, as well as aggregation into a multi-dimensional data format for OLAP analysis, all accessible via a user-friendly Web interface.


Application Modes
VCS has four primary application modes: Source, Masterdata, Rules, and Publishing. A modal design was chosen to match the web's point and shoot design.

Navigation and Application Model
The UI was designed so that all user generated content is accessed in the left column, while all user interaction occurs on the right side (the remaining 3/4 page).

Left Nav

Portal Window

Reporting Windows
Reporting Windows handle all VCS content. Windows can spawn other windows. Content is managed via Editing controls.

Windows can handle a variety of content types including alerts, reports, urls, images, and text. Whatever you can put on the web, you can put in a window.

Step by Step Task Completion
All primary tasks are completed in a "Step-by-Step" fashion. Users are walked through each task, mimimizing complexity and maximizing accuracy. Tasks are generally closed with a summary of all changes followed by a submit and cancel button.

Left Nav

Role-based Toolbar
VCS uses a role-based toolbar. Depending your role, VCS delivers the appropriate toolbar functionality. Basic users might only have limited publishing capability. Analysts might have Cube and Publishing. Administrators typically have access to all tools, but could only have Source and Master Data.


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