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WhoWhere was a leading Personal Web Page Portal bought out and intregated by Lycos. The key issues they faced were ease of use, branding, and style guidelines.

Adobe Systems
Adobe Systems is a leading provider of desktop graphics applications. Key problems existed in the production process and lack of centralized web standards.

Silicon Graphics
Silicon Graphics is a manufacturer of high-end visualization systems. Key problems existed in production, editorial calendar, and lack of centralized web standards.

RadMedia is a UNIX multimedia software developer. While at Rad, I developed a desktop screen recording package and a multimedia authoring suite.

Zaplet, Inc.
Zaplet is a enterprise collaboration suite. While at Zaplet, I lead User Interaction and User interface development of the Zaplet Portal.

ATR is a technical recruiting company. ATR's goal was to develop a job search engine.

Inktomi develops and markets scalable applications that are core to the Internet infrastructure, enabling end users to easily find information and access it more quickly.

Remedy develops enterprise software applications for handling customer service and support, help desks, purchasing and more.

Sun Microsystems
Sun is a leading provider of industrial-strength hardware, software and services that power the Internet and allow companies worldwide to dot-com their businesses.

Matranet is a leading provider of Internet security software solutions that enable companies to establish secure relationships with their customers, suppliers, employees and partners over the Internet.

Finaline is a leading provider of strategic financial management solutions that work in conjunction with packaged ERP, budgeting tools, and other existing financial systems.

LoudCloud / Opsware
Opsware Inc., formerly Loudcloud, is the leading provider of IT Automation Software. While at Opsware, I redefined their conceptual model and developed a suite of IT productivity applications.

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